Wallace Allen, III                 President
  • A Combined 40 years of Building Experience that includes Home Renovation/Remodeling & New Construction.
  • Specialization in New Residential Construction Design & Building.
  • Annual Visitors at the International Homebuilders Show.
  • Active Member of Acadiana Homebuilder Association.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics with a Business Administration Concentration.
  • Developed Meadow Estates Subdivision (a 47 lot development in St. Martinville, LA).
  • Developed Belle Acres Phase II (8 lot development in Lafayette, LA).

One has but only to enter the foyer of a W. Allen Construction, L.L.C., home to feel the deeply entrenched traditions of quality, integrity, and excellence in our home building process. With ten years in business, our vast knowledge far extends beyond our age and our hammers beckon ghosts of past with every stroke.

At W. Allen Construction, L.L.C., we engage in building not only homes but "lifestyles". From conceptualization to creation we hold key and integral to our building process: realized value, space consciousness, cultural sensitivity, code awareness, creative discipline, & design trend sensitivity.

Key to our paramount successes has been our adaptability and flexibility in project development and market response. We cut our teeth in home remodeling and renovation , but we've taken the experience, knowledge, education, and humble beginnings to enrich ourselves and create the product that is now embraced by the marketplace. With all of our customers we foster open lines of communication so that the canvas known to us as your homes has the proper translation unique to you. With each home and lesson learned we move forward with diligence, purpose, and the unrelenting pursuit of perfection to satisf your clients. With each nail, each drywall screw, each square corner, we grow closer to our pursuits. We thank you all for your appreciation of our efforts as we perfect our craft and create homes that as we like to say, "Wraps its arms around you".

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P.O. Box 146 St. Martinville, LA 70582
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